Are there any age restrictions?
I would generally expect models to be at least 18 years of age however, I will photograph models over the age of 16 on the condition that I have permission from a parent or legal guardian, and that the poses and clothing are age appropriate.
Are there any fees?
No, almost all shoots are arranged on a TF basis meaning I get a model to photograph and the model gets a set of photos for non commercial use; social media and similar use is fine.
Do you sell the photos?
No, this is my hobby which I have no desire to make money from. Photos may be used on my portfolio, facebook page, and this website, but never made available for sale or to image libraries.
I've never posed for a photo shoot before so do I need experience?
Not at all. I have undertaken many shoots with models posing for their first shoot, or as a one off as a present for their partner. You'll find I'm relaxed, easy going, and always happy to answer any questions to put your mind at rest.
I want to pose for some explicit photos but I don't want them on the internet. can this be arranged?
As I'm sure you'll appreciate, I'm not going to take photographs which I am unable to use however, there are two ways around this. One option is for you to pay for the shoot including the studio hire where a studio is used. A second option is to take a second set of photos which are less explicit at the same time and which I can use, and just share the cost of studio hire where a studio is used. Please contact me if this is something you're looking for and we can come to a mutual  arrangement to suit both of us.
Can I bring a chaperone to a shoot?
I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of chaperones as I have found in the past that this can cause problems. In some circumstances where a model is under 18 or the shoot is bondage themed I may require that you bring a chaperone anyway, but in most cases I prefer chaperones not to be present. If you wish to bring a chaperone to a shoot please let me know at the time of arranging the shoot, and note that I will never allow partner's to be present on a shoot under any circumstances.
Can I do a girl / girl shoot with a friend?
Yes, that's fine but please remember that you would both receive copies of the photos and I cannot guarantee where your friend will post the photos, so if you fall out at a later date it could become awkward for you. I'm totally against revenge porn but unfortunately it happens, so you should be aware of this when undertaking this type of shoot.
Is there anything you don't shoot?
Not much, but I have some restrictions. I don't photograph children, men, real drug use (staged is fine), anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or gives the impression they are posing against their will under pressure from a third party, blood, watersport, scat, beasitiality, and anything which would be illegal. This list is not exhaustive so if you're unsure of an idea you have please contact me for clarification.
Do you photograph weddings?
No, but if you're in the Peterborough area please contact me when I will be happy to recommend an excellent wedding photographer who is known to me personally. Note, I do not receive any commission on this recommendation and it is based purely on the photographer as a person, his photographic skills, and his prices.
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