Looking ahead to 2022, I have a number of ideas I am hoping to shoot. Some have been carried forward due to the limited time available with studios and social distancing due to covid, whilst others are new or similar to shoots I've already done but want to repeat.
As always, this is not an exhaustive list and I am, always happy to discuss any ideas that models may have for a shoot.

Erotica In History: This shoot is a study of erotica through different periods in time. Over the years erotica has changed many times so I'm looking to create images from those different times. Victorian, Georgian, Elizabethan, Roman, Today, etc. This shoot is best suited to different models for each time period rather than one model shooting it all, so will probably be a work in progress over several months.

Suicide Girls: Not for the SG website, but using their concept of starting off clothed and finishing nude within a theme. I would particularly like to make this a jockey theme so models with horse riding gear would be particularly welcome, although other themes are an option. Assuming a horse theme, I have a studio in mind for the shoot which is based within a stable yard near Boston in Lincolnshire.

Thought Provoking: With this shoot I am aiming to create images which make the viewer stop and think. I have several ideas ranging from clothed to nude so probably something to suit most models somewhere amongst them. These shoots will be a mix of studio and location, and with several ideas for images I am looking forward to working with several models to get a different look with each image.

Duo Girl Erotic: This will be a mix of lingerie and nude and is aimed at being erotic rather than pornographic. The poses will be intimate so the shoot may suit two models who are friends, but will be shot with an artistic feel about them, so no full on open leg poses, although some contact between the models will form part of the shoot. This will be either studio or AirBnB based to make use of an available bedroom as a basis for the shoot.

Dungeon: This will be an adult level shoot using a professional dungeon set. The shoot will include nude poses and feature various restraints and furniture within the dungeon. The dungeon is in the East Midlands near Leicester, and the model for this is welcome to bring a female friend to the shoot to assist with the restraints.

Food Fight: This will be a two girl shoot, either topless or nude, and will be as it suggests, a food fight using messy food. This will be a studio shoot as and when I find a studio willing to allow this shoot to take place.

Glamour: Purely because I've not shot glamour for a while, this will be a studio shoot with a mix of lingerie and topless, possibly nude depending on the model's wishes.​​​​​​​

Beach Shoot: This will be shot at a quiet rural Suffolk location, and looking to shoot a mix of bikini, topless and nude. There is no public transport to this location so model's will need their own transport or I can provide transport to and from the location.

Risque Street Shoot: A location shoot featuring lingerie and possibly topless poses in streets, parks and similar settings. Although outdoors, care will be taking to ensure passers by are not watching.

Adult: This will be a full on nude adult shoot including open leg poses, toys and similar and will probably be shot in a studio or hotel room setting, although it can also be arranged at the model's home if preferred. I will be offering a fee to the model for this shoot.
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